The best of both worlds - an employee app and Yammer

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B. Weitz
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Since we have been offering our internal communication services, internal communication has developed tremendously. We regularly keep our platform up to date and are always up to date. One of the co-providers is Yammer. A tool offered by Microsoft, which is often compared with ours. That's why we made it our business today to take a closer look at Yammer and work out the differences.

But what exactly is it that makes a successful employee app? In the following, important building blocks that are crucial for success are considered.


Probably the most important function is the networking of employees with each other as well as the achievement of this with company-relevant content. Both Yammer and we offer a comprehensive tool with which content can be shared. Intuitive handling makes this procedure easier, which is why our platform is structured like common social media networks. Uploading articles, pictures, videos and more is child's play here.

The prerequisites for a high level of user acceptance

If you want your app to appear on your employees' mobile phones, it has to look and feel like it belongs there. Yammer only offers ready-made software that only offers slight customization options. The Loxonet platform is always delivered with an app that is tailored to your company. From the login screen to the company logo, we adapt to you. Because your employees also expect personal, relevant communication - there is no other way to offer them this.

Get the most out of your employee app

A broad portfolio of functions within a program ensures increased efficiency. Our customers often start with 3-4 functions and then gradually expand their platform with up to 20+ additional functions. This makes it easy to get started and everyone can find their way around quickly. A provided app that offers this scope ensures that users can find their way around more easily within several applications. In addition, there is the cost and time savings due to the one-time installation of Loxonet. A large number of functions are available right from the start. Among other things, a task function which is a suitable addition and ensures an orderly way of working. Our marketplace function is also the perfect place to publish job advertisements and for private or business purposesThings wipe employees to act.

An app for everyone.

Our primary goal is to network all employees. Especially when bills are per user, interns, trainees or even a few of your own employees are often neglected. Non-desk employees in particular usually do not have a company email address and are therefore often left out when it comes to internal communication. We remedy this by workingYou can also log in without your own e-mail. So that everyone can really be reached in full, we offer fixed prices and do not bill per user. We believe there is a world where everyone really has oneHas voice, is a better world.

Synchronization of Loxonet with MS365

For further networking there is also a connection between Microsoft 365 and the likend Loxonet. Thus the best of two worlds is combined. All of this for a comparatively small amount of € 499 per month.

price difference

The one from Microsoft offered price from € 31,50 per user is also an enormous expense with a large number of employees. Not to forget the time-consuming setting up of new e-mail addresses for non-desk employees.

If you are interested in a successful implementation of an employee app and want to take your internal communication to the next level, please contact usI would be happy to contact us at any time.