Last Call 2021: Why you have to use the time now to introduce your employee app.

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B. Weitz
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The year is slowly coming to an end & together with you we want to do something again for relaxed communication with non-desk workers. In good German - what was done in your company this year to really reach all teams away from the desks? Should your answer be somewhere between “Pooh, where has the year gone?” And “Oh, the bulletin board is completely sufficient”, we would be happy to give you three really good reasons to reconsider the restraint now.

1. Retain & inspire employees

The buzzwords new work, remote, digital employee management or war of talents have particularly caught on in the human resources department and in the management ranks of companies, but what does that actually mean in concrete terms?
Specifically, it means that the world of work is changing, companies are currently trying to keep pace with the changes and to be as fair as possible to everyone. This is not always that easy, especially with the different generations, because Generation Z of the 2000s demands a different treatment and appreciation than, for example, the baby boomers with 40 to 60 years. The basic technical understanding is also often fundamentally different. In order not to lose one or the other generation here, it is important to communicate with everyone on an equal footing. With a secure app that is as self-explanatory as Whatsapp or LinkedIn, you can both keep the younger generation and not scare off the older generation.
In addition, a termination costs a company an average of € 14.500. These costs can be avoided with the help of an employee APP, for example by avoiding the frustration caused by floor radio and security gaps and attracting new colleagues through recommendation of employees and the positive external perception of the company.

2. Corona pandemic

The corona pandemic did not invent most of the trends in the world of work, but in the last two years some challenges have come back to the fore and companies have been motivated to act quickly.
This winter, too, we are faced with the problem of how companies should deal with the rising incidence. The first federal states are starting with the 3G model in the workplace, so that the unvaccinated team members have to be tested several times a week before going to work. The pandemic situation will keep us busy in the coming months, so we have to think again about how to achieve it, and above all we protect our employees.
Even in stormy times, protect your employees and your production from avoidable risks and establish that your teams are informed and picked up directly via a channel when they start work in the morning. An existing onboarding at a digital location also makes it easier to train new colleagues.

3. Time factor

Let's be honest - the year is slowly coming to an end, the big projects will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks and then we look forward to hopefully a small Christmas party and the opening of the local Christmas market.
So now is the right time to introduce your employee app in four steps within a week or to prepare the introduction as best as possible. We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your project so that you get the right input and the best ideas for every phase.
After we have given you a basic introduction to Loxonet, you can test the platform for up to 14 days. Then, in a 15-minute conversation with 8 questions, clarify which challenge you would like to solve, which 3-5 basic functions you prefer in your app, the desired languages ​​and the basic settings for your employees. We will then be happy to prepare everything technical for you, so that in the meantime, either in your team or with us, you can think about which content can be particularly exciting. Here too, of course, we have a wide range of templates and experiences.