How an employee app differs from Microsoft Teams

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Get up, have breakfast, turn on the laptop, start teams and off to the video conference. The start of the day looks like this or something similar for many. Especially in times of the pandemic, many people lack the chance to chat in the company kitchen or in the hallway. The well-being of the employees can suffer and the connection with the employer decreases. But employee loyalty is not only an important issue in times of the pandemic. It is precisely as a result of this that I would like to work with you today to compare the widespread tool teams with ours and to work out where the differences lie.

Correct communication

The classic intranet offers a top-down flow of information and thus creates an imbalance in communication. Employees are often not properly integrated and feel less addressed. With the group chat function, Microsoft Teams offers a somewhat more interactive approach and enables employees to network with one another, but usually only within a certain department. The Loxonet platform takes this approach and even improves it. Depending on requirements, all or only individual groups within the company can be addressed. There is also the function of pinning important posts to the top of the dashboard so that everyone can really see them.


Reach everyone

Reaching out to the entire workforce can be challenging. In some companies, information about internal matters is only posted on the bulletin board. Others are updated with a monthly PDF document. We have made it our goal to enable an extensive exchange in such a way that everyone from the gatekeeper to the board of directors can participate. Often interns, trainees or even our own employees from production or the warehouse are not integrated. This can be due to the missing company email address on the one hand or the extra costs for each additional user: in. That is why we offer a fixed price from € 499 and also provide free e-mail addresses if required.


Many different programs are used in a company to make everyday work more productive and efficient. If you want your app to appear on your employees' mobile phones, it has to look and feel like it belongs there. Teams only offers ready-made software that only offers slight customization options. The Loxonet platform is always supplied with an app for your smartphone that is tailored to your company. From the login screen to the company logo, we adapt to you. Employees expect personal, relevant communication and there is no other way to offer it to them.

Functions & links with MS365

Teams is a good way to hold video conferences or make short agreements. Loxonet bundles functions like these and adds more. An overview of the entire workforce, the distribution of tasks or community votes are easily possible. One function that is particularly valued by our customers is the calendar. Everyday information such as birthdays and events, but also absences, are entered and managed in this. Often other Microsoft services are also used in the company. Because of this, we offer the simple connection between Loxonet and Microsoft 365 to ensure a perfect workflow.

price difference

Now we come to a drier topic, but one that is all the more important. As already discussed, you can reach all employees with our platform, whether in administration or in the warehouse. Thanks to our fixed prices, depending on the size of the company, we are as inexpensive as a small espresso per user. Teams costs € 10,50 per month per user to use it to the full. 

If you are interested in a successful implementation of an employee app and want to take your internal communication to the next level, please contact us at any time.