Inform & organize your
own business network.

for each

Post targeted & important updates in seconds on a timeline in the familiar design. Official posts can be pinned.

Knowledge sharing

Communicate mobile, centrally and across locations with individuals or entire groups.


Calendar &
Shift schedules

Send invitations or appointments easily and stylishly using smart calendar and event functions.

Communicate effectively with your business network.

You decide who can access which application or who can see which content. You can easily create user groups and assign your network to them, so that the platform can also be used for internal organization. Create your own structures so that you can work in the best possible way.

One app - many functions.

Chat & video calls

All current and above all relevant information is displayed chronologically on the start page of each app. 

Individual groups & people

Send your messages to the right person in private chats or groups.

Cloud, calendar,

Use your membership directory and the calendar as a support.

Notice board, newsletter, CRM, tasks

Effective functions for the sense of belonging, tasks and project management in your network.

API interfaces
& Support at eye level

Loxonet offers numerous integration options that are available to you in the Loxonet marketplace. Our support will be happy to assist you.

Bonding & Motivation

A termination in the automotive industry costs an average of € 14.500, a lot of nerves and time. The permanent shortage of skilled workers can be combated with self-explanatory technology, it promotes cohesion, attracts new colleagues and encourages new team members to be recruited.

Business community
Business community
Business community

Whatsapp and emails?

Each person and position receives their information on a different channel. Sometimes more and sometimes less quickly, sometimes to the point and sometimes simply not at all. Close those communication gaps and form an informed community. 

Just reach out and connect!

Planning, own structure & intuitive use


Surveys & measurable communication


Motivation & feelings of belonging

Loxonet costs you on average as much as a latte macchiato per member per month.

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