How do you communicate with your
Colleagues from logistics & production?

for your teams

Targeted & important updates in seconds.


Cross-location and cross-shift communication.


Calendar &
Shift schedules

Vacation requests, sick days and shift schedules in one app.

Only 53% of German employees have the chance to work from home. How do you protect and contact your heroes away from the desk?

The buzzwords “New Work”, “Remote” and “Work-Life-Balance” are on everyone's lips, but how do you enable teams that cannot work from home to be fully fledged and informed members of the company? We'd be happy to show you!

One app - many functions.

Chat & video calls

All current and above all relevant information is displayed chronologically on the start page of each app. 

Individual groups & departments

Send your messages to the right person in private chats or department groups.

Cloud, calendar,

Use your employee directory and the calendar as HR support.

Notice board, newsletter, CRM, tasks

Effective functions for the sense of belonging, tasks and project management in your company.

API interfaces
& Support at eye level

Loxonet offers numerous integration options that are available to you in the Loxonet marketplace. Our support will be happy to assist you.



Different working hours, locations and activities mean that departments lead a parallel life, cannot benefit from the knowledge of others and you sometimes feel left alone. That really doesn't have to be the case in 2021, so that Loxonet also brings those on board who do not sit at their PC every day with a self-explanatory app for targeted exchange at eye level.

Just reach out and connect!


Easy deployment planning, vacation and absence overview ensures the permanent occupation of your locations and saves time in management, since colleagues from logistics and production can also exchange ideas.


The creation and sending of surveys on various topics such as satisfaction or comprehensibility of processes enables feedback in just a few minutes. Whether anonymously or with real names.


Make sure that your colleagues are always motivated and satisfied by developing an informed, involved and valued team from individuals.

Loxonet costs you on average as much as a latte macchiato per employee per month.

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