Employee app

You can reach every specialist in real time on your mobile phone via push message. The content is not only read 7 times more often, but also saves a lot of work and costs.

Employee app
Retaining skilled workers

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Inspire and retain your professionals with a secure employee app. All information in one place. Always informed, always personal & accessible everywhere. Use a simple app to communicate with your teams, save time and replace the outdated bulletin board with a modern and self-explanatory app.

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In just a few steps to your own Employee app.

Improve your internal communication from day one and offer your teams a self-explanatory platform both on and off the desk.

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Skills shortage

Hold & inspire your top performers

Every second company in Germany complains about the acute shortage of skilled workers. An average termination costs €14.500 on average and the loss of knowledge has not yet been calculated. Imagine being able to create higher employee retention and efficiency through an employee app alone!


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