Our prices

Our mission is to connect people.
That's why we don't charge based on employees.

Loxonet starter
499 monthly

per platform

Browser platform & app

Loxonet domain

Standard chat support

GDPR compliant

Browser app

Loxonet in one language

250GB cloud storage

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Loxonet Enterprise
749 monthly

per platform

Browser platform & app

Own domain

Business chat support

GDPR compliant

AppStore / PlayStore App

Loxonet in two languages

500GB cloud storage

Up to 2 API interfaces

Personal onboarding

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Loxonet Enterprise premium
1149 monthly

per platform

Browser platform & app

Own domain

Business chat & phone support

GDPR compliant

AppStore / PlayStore App

Loxonet in up to 8 languages

2TB cloud storage

Up to 10 API interfaces

Personal onboarding

Employee workshop

Club starter
from 0 /B.C

per club

For clubs

Up to 500 users

Chat Support

from € 10 per function

2GB storage space

Server location DE

GDPR compliant

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Association Premium
200 /B.C

per club

For clubs

From 500 users

Chat & phone support

Full version (20+ tools)

10 GB storage space

Server location DE

GDPR compliant

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350 /B.C

per party / foundation

For parties / foundations

Unlimited users.

Business support

Full version (20+ tools)

Unlimited Storage space

Server location DE

GDPR compliant

Free workshops

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Loxonet for clubs

You want Loxonet in your Association use?

For clubs, associations, parties, etc. the listed prices apply with a discount of 40%.

Quality guarantee

Services Made in Germany.

Loxonet is quality software from Germany that is hosted on Deutsche Telekom's servers.

No setup fee

Loxonet can be set up within 15 minutes. Promised! If you don't know what to do next, you will receive a free onboarding.

Short contract term

Those who convince their customers do not need long contract periods. Loxonet can be terminated within three months.

Conveniently by direct debit

We don't need any paperwork. You will receive your invoice in advance by email and the billing is conveniently made by direct debit.


Your questions, our answers

We would like to answer the most important questions in advance.

Where can I book Loxonet?

Loxonet is a cloud software. So you can order the software online 24/7 and get started. To do this, please use our Test form. Loxonet will then be provided to you within 2 minutes. You will receive your access data via email.

Can I try Loxonet for free?

You can test Loxonet free of charge for 14 days. The full version is available to you during this period. There is of course no binding contract or similar. If you then want to switch to the paid model, all you have to do is enter your SEPA mandate.

Do I have a personal contact person?

Our headline wouldn't Service made in Germany if we do not provide you with your personal contact person. Your personal contact will get in touch a few moments after your Account creation with you.

How much does Loxonet cost?

Loxonet has three products. There is Loxonet Enterprise and Loxonet Enterprise Premium for SMEs and administrations. Loxonet Enterprise costs  € 749. Loxonet Enterprise Premium costs 1149€.

We also offer Loxonet starters for clubs, associations, foundations and parties. Loxonet starter costs 499 €.

How do Loxonet Business and Loxonet Business differ?

Loxonet Business is in cooperation with our partners AiF FTK, Deutsche Telekom in the human body and facts about the Forum publisher offered. Businesses experience prioritized telephone support and hourly backups.

Loxonet clubs Customers receive a high-performance social intranet at an absolute entry-level price. Customers receive regular chat and email support and daily backups.

You can find detailed information about the packages in our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

"Setting up Loxonet was child's play. After 3 minutes we had the access data and after a quarter of an hour we were ready to go."

Ines Martin, Exporo AG

"We called the Loxonet sales department to order. The sales department set it up on the phone and showed us how to get started. Great service."

Bernhard Hosius, Isogen GmbH