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The real estate investment company organizes its online and offline events with Loxonet.

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Autumn 2020


Exporo is Germany's leading platform for digital real estate investments. Under the motto “Invest simply and directly in real estate”, it offers investors an overview of real estate projects in which they can invest easily, transparently and free of charge. Private investors can benefit from two complementary product categories. On the one hand, customers can participate in high-yield real estate projects that have been checked in advance at short notice and with a fixed interest rate (Exporo financing) - here, project developers build new residential buildings or renovate commercial properties over a certain period of time. And on the other hand, a real innovation, investors can participate directly in selected existing properties (Exporo inventory) - similar to an owner - here they receive quarterly distributions from the rental surpluses and also participate in the increase in value.

Situation & challenge

Exporo AG is based in Hamburg with around 120 employees and runs a dynamic business together. A chat on the roof terrace is just as much a part of it as productive cooperation in the meeting rooms or working from the home office.

Not only the agile work, but also the corona pandemic has contributed to the fact that the employees are distributed throughout Germany and that regular interaction and private exchange have increasingly been neglected.

It has also been the standard up to now to use the tried and tested Excel tables for planned events and to note the guests and their partners there.


The goal of Exporo AG was to create the company's internal events as simple and time-saving as possible. At the same time, it should be possible for all invited guests to invite external people. The participants should be evaluated automatically.

With the help of Loxonet, the company from Hamburg can now organize company celebrations spontaneously and efficiently. Not only are the classic celebrations such as summer and Christmas parties organized, but also spontaneous get-togethers in small groups.

The quick creation of events and inviting colleagues has made it so much easier that the employees also plan small rounds themselves, so that there is also a positive dynamic in internal communication.

Another facet of the solution is the voting function. Initially viewed more as a function for public voting, it is now seen as an opportunity to sound out employee preferences. This starts with the date selection, continues with the music genre and ends with food requests.


The elimination of annoying and mostly incomplete Excel tables is, viewed with a smile, the greatest achievement, according to Ines. Apart from the inefficient tables, the 39% increase in the participation rate is a remarkable side effect. Not only the employees appreciate the relaxed planning, but also the management.

The corona pandemic brought the company into a new situation and had to deviate from traditional events and switch to digital options. This was not a problem for the company either. The offline events were simply held online with video conferences. Here, too, the company managed to maintain the increased participation rate and satisfaction with a variety of topics.

Cool! I am totally enthusiastic and am really happy about the simple handling and our beautiful events. We also set up the platform within 15 minutes.

Ines Martin

Assistant to the management


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