Germany Foundation Integration

The foundation bundles its internal and external communication with Loxonet on a central platform so that all members are informed at all times.

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Autumn 2019


The foundation, which operates nationwide, has improved and expanded its internal and external communication with Loxonet. Not only the 1000 users but also the administrators organize themselves via the social platform, enable a smooth exchange of data with the scholarship holders and plan regular events and video conferences. The Deutschlandstiftung Integration has been using selected functions of the platform very intensively since autumn 2019.

Situation & challenge

The Deutschlandstiftung Integration is a nationwide non-profit foundation based in Berlin. Under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she campaigns for equal opportunities for people with a migrant background in Germany. The foundation supports measures for social and professional networking of committed people and carries out projects and publicity campaigns to strengthen cohesion in society.

Despite international fame, the Deutschlandstiftung Integration, like many large organizations, is faced with the challenge of successfully reaching the scholarship holders and ensuring a safe exchange.


The aim of setting up Loxonet is to create a platform in the corporate design that enables scholarship holders to be informed about events, job offers and other announcements at any time.

Loxonet offers the solution Pay as you go variant. With this option, the foundation can put together the platform with selected functions according to its own needs. This allows for an efficient exchange as well cost-effective community management. It can be adjusted on a monthly basis so that it is no problem to add or cancel additional functions.


After successfully setting up the platform, it was noticeable that the invited users quickly found their way around, networked and exchanged ideas independently. Nevertheless, the official announcements and the created events are also used with pleasure. For this purpose, all invited guests receive an email with a small preview and then have the opportunity to see all the details in the app and, if necessary, to add further external guests.

Loxonet offers us an exciting & cost-effective community management program. The cooperation has always helped us a lot.

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Germany Foundation Integration


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