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The foundation enables its scholarship holders a lively exchange through Loxonet and establishes various events for a lively togetherness. The scholarship holders also organize their documents independently on the platform.

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February 2020


The around 500 scholarship holders of the Ferdinand and Charlotte Schimmelpfennig Foundation organize themselves independently via the social platform. The 500 people provide all necessary documents and certificates in a secure folder of the foundation as soon as they have been accepted as a scholarship holder. However, not only the pure administration is handled and simplified on the platform but also the internal communication is held. Events are planned and members are offered a space for private exchange.

Situation & challenge

The Ferdinand and Charlotte Schimmelpfennig Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation. It wants to strengthen the right to education, improve equal opportunities and promote the future of young people. A good education determines how we master the future. Whether a talent can develop and new ideas arise. We are convinced that this Cornerstone of all people must be available. That Striving for advancement and social advancement - and not origin or financial background.

We want a society that sees education as a basic prerequisite for progress for all people. That not only the state, but all members of society take their responsibility to a equal opportunity to enable in learning.

That is why the Ferdinand and Charlotte Schimmelpfennig Foundation is committed to a strong and educated community.


The Ferdinand and Charlotte Schimmelpfennig Foundation not only wants to support young people and students financially, but also to offer them a network to exchange ideas. The primary support in the Berlin and Brandenburg area should create a personal and diverse community.

The result of a long research showed that Loxonet is the best choice for the foundation. Next to the Chat, events and news function became to which the Cloud discovered. It should be possible to process the sensitive data of the scholarship holders securely and in compliance with the GDPR, as easily as possible.


The composition of the various functions means that the pupils and students can not only exchange ideas intensively in different ways, but also manage themselves. In the Cloud every scholarship holder has his own own orders and can store all relevant documents there and adjust them later if necessary. In doing so, the organization not only saves a lot of administration, but also encourages and demands the independent action of your protégés.

In addition to organizing documents, Loxonet also provides various Events planned. One of these beautiful events is a colloquium, which took place for the first time in February 2020. For this purpose, exciting and above all diverse topics were submitted by the participants beforehand, which were then discussed in a larger group that evening.

If you want to significantly improve your internal communication and organization, the Loxonet team is the right place for you!

Thomas Swiderski

Schimmelpfennig Foundation


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