A great team
for a great topic.

We sit with the team in Hamburg's beautiful Hafencity. Loxonet combines reliable and precise communication with always a good mood and a little frills.

We empower them
50% of the
without pc access.


In Hamburg's Hafencity, we work every day to improve internal communication for SMEs.

Heart and soul

With our experience and passion for the topic, we support our customers long after the introduction of your app.


Loxonet consists of a cheerful, diverse and above all competent team of experts in the respective field.


"Digital exchange is nothing new these days. However, we must not forget that not every person has access to a mailbox."

Linda Marie Dutzmann, Head of Business Development

Our team. Our mission. Our Hamburg.


Our growing team of experts in the fields of communication, IT & Hamburg restaurant tips impresses with their passion for the idea that really every employee in Germany is a fully-fledged and well-informed part of their employer.


An app for everyone in the company.

We cannot repeat it often enough. The future of the world of work cannot only revolve around new work, exchange, work-life balance, remote work and flexibility for PC workstations. 


We love our Hamburg location, the view of the Elbphilharmonie and the fish sandwich during the lunch break. In the future you will also be able to see the beautiful Hafencity or Elphi and one or the other container ship when you video calls with us.

Closing time

Communication is our passion, but that also includes a relaxed after-work beer, a workshop on a houseboat in Denmark or a visit to the team's favorite Italian. If this appeals to you, we look forward to a meaningful CV.

Our passion is your internal communication.

Together with our teams, we are working flat out to optimize your internal communication and organization.

"It is exciting to see which industries place value on reaching every employee."

Benedikt, founder & managing director

"The close cooperation with our customers leads to a constant further development of the app."

Alexander, Head of Tec

"Our team impresses with its friendly and honest communication at eye level."

Linda, Head of Business Development

Our Hamburg!

A little insight into our business, the beautiful city of Hamburg & our service.