Data protection and security

Data protection according to DSGVO and information security are central components of our loxonets. The digitization of your user data should guarantee that your information is up to date in every respect and at the same time protects it.


Why is us Privacy so important?

The protection of your data is our absolute focus.


For us, successful networking is directly linked to first-class data protection.


We always pay attention to personal data, transparency, earmarking and data minimization.


At no time do unauthorized persons have access to your data. In addition, direct access can be blocked after leaving.

We stand for data security with our name. Several companies already trust in our expertise.


Privacy policy

Your information on Theme

A relaxed exchange of private data and information is only possible within your protected, digital space.

The data sovereignty lies exclusively with you and commercial use of your data is excluded.

We know and implement common measures for data protection and DSGVO-compliant use.

Your users decide independently which data they want to disclose and who is allowed to see it.

Hosted by Telekom

Made in Germany

Loxonet was not developed for the market, but by the market. Feedback from our customers has been incorporated into the development of our individual applications since the beginning.


Even better
data security

The digitalization of your user data should guarantee that your information is up-to-date and protected at the same time. We have created a special security infrastructure for this, which you can also customize according to your own needs.

Back-up concept

We have a secure concept for creating back-ups on a daily basis.

Restore tests

Your data must be restored up to 30 days retrospectively to the day.

Encrypted traffic

Your data will only be transmitted using the latest encryption standards.

Security infrastructure

We have created a special security infrastructure, which you can also customize according to your own needs.


The security of your Data is important to us

To ensure that your data cannot be used or transferred without authorization, we host all data in Germany at Telekom.

The Open Telekom Cloud has been certified several times in terms of data security.

Your Loxonet creates fully automated security backups and updates on a daily basis. Your data can be restored 30 days retrospectively.

Our servers are all in Magdeburg and are protected so that outside access is not possible.

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