Many functions are included with Loxonet.
You can activate these for your users according to your needs.



The heart of your
Employee app.

Here you and your employees can get an overview of important announcements, upcoming events and exchange information with each other in just a few seconds. Send news to specific employee groups and receive direct feedback on comments and reactions.


Intuitive and fast

Gone are the days when your employees exchanged sensitive information via external messenger programs. Thanks to the easy-to-use individual and group chats, your data stays safe in the company and your communication is 100% DSGVO-compliant.



Valuable feedback,
without any external users.

Is it about the catering for the next Christmas party or a survey of employee satisfaction? With Loxonet you can create votes in just a few minutes and personalize them according to your requirements. In this way, you receive targeted and quick feedback without passing on sensitive data to third parties.


All employees/colleagues on a glance.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the right contact person for a problem or want to make an appointment for the lunch break in the canteen, you can use your employee directory to find exactly the person you are looking for quickly and easily. Of course, with profile information tailored to your company, such as department, qualification, assignment, etc.



Your place for that
professional exchange.

With the forum you promote knowledge management in your company. Easily create sub-forums for departments, locations or project teams and promote knowledge management in your company. Provide new team members with guidelines for induction and create space for developing new subject areas: quickly, easily and securely on your platform.


Classifieds, job board, carpooling and much more.

Take the classic bulletin board to the next level. Instead of paperwork, you will find offers and inquiries clearly displayed on your marketplace and can communicate easily via chat. The possibilities are as diverse as your company and offer new opportunities for your internal network.

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