The functions.

The social Intranet consists of 21+ exciting functions that can be combined with one another. Each of our customers uses them differently. How does it best suit you?

Loxonet starter

Loxonet Enterprise

Loxonet Enterprise Premium

Package overview
Price €499 €749 €1149
Product A social intranet platform as a mobile app & on the web A social intranet platform as a mobile app & on the web A social intranet platform as a mobile app & on the web
Contract period 3 months 3 months 3 months
Maximum users unlimited unlimited unlimited
GDPR compliant
Support level Standard chat support Business chat support Business chat & phone support
Who receives support? Chat support for your admins Personal contact for your admins All admins & users receive support
Own desired domain
Set-up process A detailed introduction & the basic set-up A detailed introduction & setup of your social intranet A detailed introduction and setup of your social intranet followed by a workshop
Set-up fee
Forum to discuss
Create events
Votes / surveys
Video conferencing
Photo Galleries
Write & send newsletters
Create & distribute tasks
Marketplace / job exchange
Employee, group & rights management
General search function
Multilingual Loxonet in one language Loxonet in two languages Loxonet in up to 8 languages
Regular software and feature updates
Individual design
Own PWA app
memory 250GB cloud storage 500GB cloud storage 2TB cloud storage
API No Up to 2 API interfaces Up to 10 API interfaces
24/7 server monitoring