Social intranet

Loxonet offers you the opportunity to finally introduce a social intranet without any IT knowledge. Whether on the PC or the mobile phone - with us you can really reach everyone in the company.

Social intranet

Easier it does not work

Reach your employees in a targeted manner with a social intranet. Create, manage and post all your content in one place and include teams without their own email address. Use a secure and efficient platform to inform every specialist, network your teams and locations with each other and secure knowledge.

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Social intranet

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Improve your internal communication from day one and offer your teams a self-explanatory platform both on and off the desk.


GDPR compliant


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Communicate securely

In few clicks exchange easily and safely

Sharing and discussing sensitive information such as shift schedules, reports or offers has never been easier than with the Loxonet intranet. Reach your employees in real time and also successfully integrate colleagues without their own email address.


GDPR compliant


reach everyone.


Available on all devices.

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