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Which browsers support Loxonet best?

The social intranet Loxonet is supported by all common browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge.

Note: There may be display problems with Windows Internet Explorer because further development was discontinued in favor of the new Windows Browser Edge.




Do I need special knowledge to be able to use Loxonet?

No, you do not need any special prior knowledge. All settings and setup steps can be carried out intuitively via the user interface.




Do I need special software or hardware to use Loxonet?

No. Loxonet works on all current devices and does not require any hardware / servers on site. The only requirement is a web browser and a stable internet connection.




Who can I contact in case of difficulties or a problem?

In the event of difficulties or a problem, it is best to first contact one of your administrators. Of course, we are also at your side with advice and action via chat, email and telephone during business hours.

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